D&D Painted Magic Mystery Mini Massively MEGA Box

D&D Painted Magic Mystery Mini Massively MEGA Box
Price: $99.99


Can't commit to a monthly delivery? Or perhaps you're looking to order a gift for your favorite gamer? Maybe you just want to get a Massively MEGA collection of minis really quick. If so, this is the package for you!

You will receive single delivery of: at least 16 pre-painted random miniatures, at least 2 hand picked miniatures worth at least $8 each, and more to enhance your gaming experience.

Other items included may include:

  • Maps/Mapping accessories
  • Dice
  • Terrain/Dressings
  • Dice bags
  • Pathfinder-specific gaming accessories
  • Tokens/markers
  • Dice trays
  • And more!

Total MSRP starts at $140 and may be higher, depending on which random box you get. Other items may be included that are not listed above, in other words, contents subject to change without notice.

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