So, what exactly is a Dungeon Master Token Marker?

As a GM/DM, and even as a player, sometimes it gets incredibly difficult to differentiate multiple of the same creature in a battle. We’ve all been there at least once: your party Druid summons 1d4+3 dire bats while fighting a squad of patrolling bandits, or your wizard summons a handful of fire elementals.

Being able to tell the difference between which dire bat attacked which bandit can get confusing for experienced and new gamers alike. In our home game, we tried many ways to track multiple creatures: numbers on the combat pad, bottle caps, random names for each creature, or even just trying to remember exactly what order summoned creatures went in… Frankly, we knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Dungeon Master Token Markers. Ten different colored 3D dots, in two different sizes, that can be affixed and easily removed from the mini’s base with a tiny bit of white tak. Suddenly, it was easy to track each creature’s turn and stats! Combats run smoothly, and no creature is left behind.

In a recent battle against a forest drake and three dire bears, the party’s necromancer summoned some undead companions:

We’re excited to see how you use the combat tokens!

Posted September 2nd at 5:41am