How It Works

Step 1: Select your game system.

We currently offer the choice between Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Fantasy (includes both D&D and Pathfinder miniatures).

Step 2: Select the Magic Mini Mystery Box that best suits your needs.

After selecting your game system, choose from either our standard or MEGA box. No matter the game system or the box size, you can choose to receive painted miniatures or a combination of both painted and unpainted miniatures. We even offer a completely unpainted box under the Fantasy box category.

Step 3: Subscribe!

Complete the checkout process and wait for your awesome delivery!  If you subscribe by the 15th, you will get that month's box. If you subscribe after the 15th, you will receive the following month's box. Magic Mini Mystery Boxes usually ship out between the 27th and the last day of the month.

So, what do I get?

Here is just a small sampling of what might come in a Pathfinder Painted Magic Mini Mystery Box. This one includes a Pathfinder Battles blind box containing 4 miniatures, a gryphon rider miniature, a set of Chessex dice, a dice bag, and crate dungeon decor accessories from The Dungeon Printer. Box contents change monthly and you can expect more as we continue to grow. We strive to deliver the best value for your money!

Venture Forth!

Did you know?

We also have a shop!

You can find individual minis and more accessories on our storefront.

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